Sunday, December 26, 2010

(Missing spelling coming to haunt you on some of my profiles and link's - to see if your a true hater or not.( it's on you and for your entertainment.)

This is a new set of songs at this link below that are not connected to the fility and the niggas dirty album:
with this link below:

These songs have heavy singing at the chorus and also we don't display the go over tracks to the verse's or chorus. ( this statement is for de'pictment of words in the writing)

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Regardless Devon: The artist consist of emotion,and episodes he's been threw - he focus's on strong belief areas where he should be at in the world and in his life on this album - it's quite allot of people on this album.

And the album is real as fuck- for instance The first song The End Of Time - talks about challenges and getting over problems,it weighs rather situation's are right or wrong - it also displays what the author feels and wants to do to people who would disrespect him; the beat is really slow paced - regardless says everything ain't sweet...

It's allot of insolent language on this album - you just gotta be real enough to understand what's real - and that every word in this world has multiple definitions behind them and that the author thinks and understands multiple definitions at the same time- so he's intuitive - but haters have fun - we independent and doing what we won't -if yall mad fuck yall - we'll see about that...

signed by Night Light Entertainment.

Artist featuring on Filty And The Niggas Dirty: Red Silence In Wars
This list feature’s : Performers,Graphic Artist’s,Engineers,Producers, And Groups, Going behind names of the artist regardless devon victory™ - they are all featured on this album – some groups are stated some are not- some are solo artist- all for hire
by regardless devon victory™

Regardless all stars™ ( five members)
regardless devon victory™ (no caps on name trademark)(solo-artist)
The Orginal Don Regardless The don™
Regardless Devon Art Networks™ ( three members)
Regardless Of Set’s™ ( two members)
Laws Of Victory™ ( 6 members)
Regardless Noise Pollution ™ ( 3 engineers) for hired by regardless
Regardless Instrukelidiscope ™ ( four beat makers) for hire by regardless
Regardless Definitions ™ ( 3 artist’s and mixers) for higher by regardless
Night Light Entertainment ™
Reagdrless & Friends ™ ( ten members)
Reagrless Ekistics ™ ( group of artists) higher by regardless
No mechanical I’m So Sick™ ( 2 artist)
Conglomerates Of Devon Victort Estates™ ( 15 artist)
Regardless Aspects ™
Make A Less Production™
Less Regardless Less Protection™
Raw Regardless™
Promotion Oh They’ll Be Promotion™
Victory Manipulations™
I Wish I Could Make R&B™
Devon Lick Touches L.L.C. ™
Afflictied Sets Of RDV And Double t’s™
Damging Regardless™
Sold Out™
Large Dutches™
The Don Don Regardless™
Behind The Trust Management™
Large Distribution OE ™ (of effects)
Foundation Clips™
Shit Crisp™
The Fucking Tank Engineer™
Logic Case Cd Cases™
Rdv Soul Food™
NTI Virus™
Regardless so List™
Jewls Of Lavish™
Regardless Measures™
Regardless Histronicks™
The Don Mastered™
Regardless The Chef™